Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's A Quickie

Super busy day today. I like it that way. Before I know it the day is over.

Quick updates... I am applying for new jobs. I am currently an Executive Assistant and well I basically dislike almost every moment of it. I am thinking of going back to school, but in the mean time I am applying for nanny positions and personal assistant positions. Say a prayer for me if you get a chance.

Also, I have my home ACOA meeting tonight. I love this meeting. I have to skip out a little early because I am cooking dinner tonight for a friend I havent seen in a long time. Very exciting.

Oh yeah... and tomorrow is Friday. Yay!

Today I am grateful for:

My home ACOA meeting
This program
One day at a time
Dinner tonight with Chris
The Office is on tonight!
Not letting the fear take hold of me
My mommy had a safe flight home


Cat said...

Good luck looking for something that fits you better - I totally understand!


I love days that speed by that way too.

Prayers being sent your way regarding the job situation.

My daughter has been out of work over a month. Lots of praying going on for her. She has a job offer for a temp. job at a Colorado ski resort. Not sure what I think about that so I'm turning it over to God.

Syd said...

Hey Kristen, it sounds like you've got a good idea about going back to school. Hope that your meeting tonight provides what you need to hear.

Pam said...

"Not letting the fear take hold of me" is a BIGGY!
Good for you!