Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Pocket Full of Goodness

I am feeling unsettled and a little grumpy at the moment so I thought this would be as good a time as any to write about all the good things going on in my life right now. I read my devotional this morning in 'One Day At a Time in Al-Anon' and it talked about learning to see everything with a "fresh eye." I am so quick to point out the negatives in my life that often times I don't stop to appreciate all the happiness.

The most exciting thing going on for me right now is my trip to Europe in less than two weeks. My middle sister lives in Germany with her husband and my youngest sister and I will be flying out there in less than two weeks to visit them. We are going for two whole weeks!!! I am so excited. I have not had this much time off since college. I think it is going to be a really great trip. We leave on the 20th and don't get back until January 3rd. During the middle weekend of our vacation we are flying to Milan, Italy for four days. I have never been to Italy. It is going to be so great. I will be sure to take thousands of pictures to bore you all with when I get back. I am happy that the three of us will be together for the holiday. I am a little sad as well because this will be the first Christmas I have ever spent without my mom and I am 28 years old. I think she is sad too, but happy that the three of us will be together. My mom has her boyfriend and his family to spend the holidays with so I know she will not be alone. We will be spending Christmas eve at my sister's husbands families house. Christmas eve is the big event in Germany. We will decorate the tree, open presents and have a wonderful meal together. German tradition is to have dessert first before any other course. I thought that was silly at first but the change of pace is a lot of fun. There is a great Christmas market (P.S. that picture above is the market, cool huh) in the town my sister lives in and we will get to enjoy that for three days. We will have our own Christmas dinner the next day with just the four of us where will will exchange our own presents. We leave the day after Christmas for Italy. OK and Chatz live in North West Germany so it will be pretty cold there. I always ask her why she couldn't have chosen someplace tropical. Oh well. I am hoping to check out some museums, see some great architecture, eat some great food and drink some yummy beer. Becks is brewed in the town my sister lives. I am very much looking forward to the trip and spending time with my sisters. We are all so different, but yet in our adulthood have really (for the most part) come to accept, understand and love one another.

Another good thing, which I mentioned the other day is my fantasy football league. There are 12 of us in total and I am now in round 3 of the play offs and the only woman left. I totally love football... like don't miss a game, glued to the TV, every man's dream love football. My team name is 'Livin On A Prayer' which seems appropriate because every week I should lose but my team manages to pull it out in the end. I am a huge NE Patriots fan oh and Boston Red Sox. (I am sure I just made tons of enemies right here). But like it or not I was born and raised in NE. This is my first fantasy league and I'm pretty stoked at how well I have done and how much I have learned. I like being able to talk intelligently about the game. I really find it annoying when chics pretend to like the game in order to get a guys attention. No time for that nonsense.

Lastly, and I am almost afraid to jinx it... I have been feeling much better about K2. I still miss him, but this week has not been consumed with thoughts of him and us and what I want to be. We talked last Wednesday for awhile and I think I finally heard him for the first time. I am always so quick to hear the 'I love you' and disregard the BUT that comes after it. I finally hear the BUT and realized how absolutely powerless I am over the whole thing. That has helped immensely over the last week. I have made it my mantra for the last week to say and do steps 1,2,3 every day. Today I am powerless over alcohol, over K2, over anyone but myself. If I try to exert power over them my life will be unmanageable. Today I believe that my HP, God can restore me to sanity. Today I make the decision to turn my life and will over to you, God. I repeat this over and over whenever I need to.

And lastly, I have started going to church again. I have a really amazing HP is totally in control story about church but this post is already too long and I know a lot of you are skimming through (not that I ever do that **big grin**) Church has been good. I am taking the "take what you like and leave the rest approach" right now. It seems to be working.

Today I am grateful for:
Feeling better about my rotten mood after pointing out all the good in my life
Steps 1,2,3
My upcoming vacation
Having money to Christmas shop this year.. actually having money to pay all of my bills on time and not having to worry about checks bouncing
'Six Feet Under'- its totally one of the best shows ever and I can totally relate program to it all of the time
Hump day
This lovely warm weather in NYC. Lovin' it!


Cat said...

How wonderful your trip sounds - and that you get to do it all while visitng family that is a blessing!!

You really have allot going on - I am liking your list!!

Happy Wednesday!

Lou said...

Wow! I lived in Germany for many years & you are right, Christmas Eve is the big night. Also that market is awesome. And Milan! Girl this is a wonderful trip. Take some pocket change,you will really want to shop. Unfortunately, the dolla' is not buying as much as it used to!

I found "my" church 2 years ago, and it has changed my life. I don't know how I did without church for so many years.


What a wonderful post. You may be feeling grumpy, but your blog radiates positive vibrations.

What a great thing that you have decided to give Church a chance again and take what works and leave the rest. That's my style too.

Your trip sounds fabulous - all of it - Germany, Italy, being with sisters.

God bless.

Syd said...

I had that light bulb moment too. Finally, I understood that I was powerless. It took total surrender on my part. And it was my mental and emotional salvation. I think that realizing finally that we are powerless over others and that our HP loves us unconditionally is such a relief.

~Tyra~ said...

I would love to visit Italy someday. I am sure you are excited for your trip.

big Jenn said...

What an exciting trip! i would have a hard time waiting to go too. jeNN

Judy said...

You will LOVE LOVE LOVE Italy, and Germany of course. I was blessed wit 2 weeks in Rome last month and it was glorious.

Have a wonderful time!